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   ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS for Automobile issues early warnings of potential tire failure by checking tire pressure and temperature in real time. Drivers are well-informed right at their riders' seats with the most up-to-date tire condition reports from ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless for Automobile.
How does TPMS Wireless for Motorbike work?

Display Panel
Tire Indicators
2. Power and Reset Button


Wireless operation
Easy installation
Simple tire position calibration
Factory pre-set pressure detection value
Accurate detection speed range : 0 km (mile) to 150 km (93 mile)
Real-time display of all tires condition
Under / Over preset pressure visual and audible warning signal


The system is flexible for installation, removal, and carriage.
1. Transmitter Module:
Screw each transmitter on the front tire's Valve stem and rear tire valve stem.
2. Receiver Module:
Place the receiver either on the dash board area or any other proper areas.

Technical data

Model number: C6003
Transmission Frequency: 434 MHz (UHF)
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 120
Power supply: TX: 3V Battery
RX: 12V Battery
Tire pressure: 32PSI2PSI
Sensor (mm): Receiver (mm):
L: 60, D= 60, H =45 L: 60, =23
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 120
Standards: FCC, Industry Canada Approved

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