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   ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless issues early warnings of potential tire failure by checking tire pressure and temperature in real time. Drivers are well-informed right at their driver seats with the most up-to-date tire condition reports from ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless.

     Tire pressure detection device will be compulsory on new cars manufactured on and beyond 2003 in the United States.
How does TPMS Wireless work?

No matters it is a passenger car for leisure or a commercial truck that commutes 10 hours a day, ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless will :

1. Secure Vehicle Safety
2. Improve Fuel Economy
3. Enhance Vehicle Performance
4. Increase Tire Life

The retail version contains 4 pressure sensors, a display panel, and a cigarette-lighter power adapter. No wire is required between sensors and display panel.

To implement ASPIRIT ENTERPRISE TPMS Wireless on the dashboards, factory-ready kits are available to automotive manufacturers.


Easy installation
5-year battery life (Sensor)
Simple tire position calibration
Patented battery saving feature
Real-time display of all tires condition
Detect temperature and pressure at once
Under / Over preset pressure audible warning signal
Industry-leading pressure detection range: 10 to 150 PSI
2-24 wheels versions are available for vehicles of all types

Compatible with more than 90% rims and tires in the market

Where is the sensor?

   Sensor is installed onto the inflation plug inside the rim. The sensor will detect tire pressure and temperature, and transmit information to the display panel.

Technical data

Model Number: C6002
Pressure Measurement Range: 10 to 150 PSI
Transmission Frequency: 434 MHz (UHF)
Transmission Range: 25 m (100 feet)
Power Supply (LCD Display): 12 volt / 24 volt for commercial vehicle
Battery Life (Sensor): > 5 years
Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 120
Pressure Accuracy: +/- 1.5 PSI
+/- 3
Number of Detection Sensors (Tires) Supported: 2 to 24
Dimension (4 Sensors):
Sensor (mm): LCD Display (mm):
L: 54.5, D= 26.5, H =15 L: 9.5, D=26, H=70
Weight: 40 g (Sensor) 90 g (LCD Display)
Standards: FCC, Industry Canada Approved

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